Welcome to e-BL's portal. Here you can access to all about e-BL and our knowledge resources.

e-BL Electronics, e-Knowledge ICT & e-VET LLC has been built as an ICT-oriented Engineering company for performing innovative designs and projects within our three main activity fields by focusing on our core belief "e-Knowledge is Everything... Experience transfer is the Future!":

- e-Knowledge

- Informatics

- e-VET Services

Here you can access some information about us and valuable e-VET content as well as Android Apps for practical access to our e-VET projects.

Please do contact us for more and specific information related to our services which may be of your requirement or interest.

This portal is designed also with Erasmus+ Programme' support partially, and aims to serve as a compact tool available on your laptops, PCs, and Android-based mobile devices so that access to e-VET e-learning is more handy.

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