1. Introduction
2. Technical Knowledge that must be Possessed by an Art Mentor
2.1. Home-Based Environment for the Production of Ceramic Crafts
2.2. Basic Technical Information about Ceramics Shaping Techniques (Other Techniques in Addition to the Famous Raku Firing Technique)
2.3. How to Motivate your RESEARCHERS for Spending Time on Improving their Hand Crafting Skills?
3. Cultural and Design Knowledge that must be Possessed by an Art Mentor
3.1. The Importance of Cultural Identity in the Concept of e-BL
3.2. What is the Relationship Between Art and Mentoring?
3.3. What is the meaning of Feasible Design? Are all Designs Accessible?
4. Entrepreneurship Perspective for Mentors
4.1. How Can These Facts be Exploited - Is it Possible to Earn any Additional Income?
4.2. Making Ceramic Handicraft Products More Saleable
4.3. When Choosing Your RESEARCHERS, Ensure That They Aim at Becoming Regular Ceramists

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