e-BL Projects

e-BL has been developing and participating in several e-VET oriented project activities since its launch to sector, within the framework of European Commission programs, especially Erasmus+ and Euroka-Eurostars.

Here you can find their brief information and respective links to their portal and/or App.

e-Preparation Portal for Teachers-Students-Parents Including Abroad Studies
2020-1-DE02-KA226-VET-008290 – e-Prep simply aims to support the e-preparation of the whole e-learners for the new era, which was thought to all of us with this unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic experience, which (or similar) may still present in future and it will keep shaping our lives in the near future too. e-Prep also recognizes the fact that, all Europeans are life long learners, and teachers keep learning while they also teach. e-Prep further aims to clarify terminologies which we all have been using before/during COVID-19 restructuring our learning/teaching ways, and give their proper definitions, including but not limited to Online Learning or e-Learning, Distance, Remote, Blended, Flipped and Hybrid Learning; and address the Hybrid e-Training by also including "parents" within the picture, beyond the teaching and learning individuals.
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Healthier integration of micro-entrepreneurs via support of Mentoring
2020-1-FI01-KA204-066633 – i-Mentor project targets to improve gender balance and reduce the gender gap of immigrant women-owned businesses; promoting the empowerment of immigrant women via supporting/strengthening their small/micro businesses with the mentoring support of i-Mentors, by developing a systematic approach to introduce business angel model-oriented mentoring concept; aiming to e-train and e-guide those immigrant women-owned SMEs, based on supplying more enhanced initial and continuous training for those who would have proper background and talent, and want to be a mentor for women in a work-based environment.
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Integrated Training & Teaching for Learning further aiming Knowledge Sharing Across Generations
2020-1-RO01-KA204-079936 – Project aims to strengthen key skills, including life skills, through introducing innovative methods useful for teachers and trainers; supporting the development and uptake of innovative approaches in learning methodologies and digital technologies for teaching and learning; improving the access to training for low skilled adults, through the development of effective digital, open and innovative methods supporting the work with low skilled adults
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Practical e-Training of Flexible Vocations for Supporting Home Based Working of Inactive Women as Self-employed
2019-1-TR01-KA202-076888 – Project aims to promote the creative and entrepreneurial potential of women as a latent source of economic growth and new jobs and should be encouraged by creating favorable conditions, support facilities, and mechanisms and providing them with relevant e-training opportunities. One of the best ways to stimulate business development and personal growth is through "virtual working".
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Basic literacy - Innovative learnable reading tool for low skilled women
2019-1-RO01-KA204-063962 – Project addresses the most common needs of women with no basic literacy skills for improving their social integration and life chances; developing and transferring an innovative tool for basic literacy skills to organizations and NGOs that support skills development among low-educated women, supporting the activity of NGOs for women that are active at local level, rural areas and among disadvantaged groups.
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Mentoring for better life & better harmony in society - the healthy integration of young women in Europe
2017-2-FR02-KA205-013355 – BeEurope has developed and implemented training for these mentors, in a continuous manner, which also supports their personal and professional developments while serving to the main aim of guiding young refugee women in proper channels in the society, support her integration as well as mentor her for proper training and career opportunities.
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e-Training of Inactive Women for Flexible Employability in the Hotel Industry & Gastronomy
2017-1-SK01-KA202-035416 – Project provides e-training program for experienced (in business/working life) women to be able to enter/re-enter labor market especially in flexible form of employment in the field of Hotel Industry and Gastronomy as 'mentors', so that, they will do 'mentoring' to other jobless women ('mentees') who will start part-time (flexible) working in tourism field.
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Increasing hobby based ICT skills of inactive women and housewives at home
2016-1-TR01-KA204-034403 – Project targets economically inactive women and housewives for developing their skills in utilizing smart phones, tablets and computers for giving them the opportunity to develop their competencies in fashion design as a hobby. Online e-Training program is available to boost skills of users in new technologies to let them better utilize smart phones, tablets and PCs, together with the content to guide them to develop their competencies in fashion design for hobby purposes, further content where they can utilize Web and social media for their fashion design hobbies.
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